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Walk on Rooflights

All our Walk On Rooflights are virtually frameless

Our walk on rooflights are manufactured to provide unparalleled performance with ultimate in slimline aesthetics. Unlike other companies, we use commercial strength glass as standard for our walk on rooflights. This is up to 25% thicker glass over our competitors as safety is paramount when supreme strength is required and U values from 1.0 to 0.0 like our flat rooflight system.

The walk on rooflight system is tested to multiple BS standards for its performance.

The glass specification, by design, has built in 99% UV blocking interlayers. This stops furniture fade and helps people with UV sensitive skin conditions.

Along with our solar control options and anti-slip glass coatings, this is perfect for external use applications. Carrying many of its unique design features from our flat rooflight system and all the benefits of being customisable by design, it will contribute to any floor its situated in.

High Quality Manufacturing

The important technical details


Wall abutment option


Polyester Powder Coating


Marine grade powder coating


45mm weather drip


Easy installation


No external fixings


Dual colour options


To suit a kerb width of 75mm to 400mm


Slim frame design


Custom four sided blackout option


Two x 27mm polyamide thermal breaks


U Value from 1.0 to 0.0

Extensive Testing

BS 6375-1:2015
BS EN 1026:2000

British Standard

BS EN 12211:2000
BS EN 12150
BS EN 14449

European Standard

EN 755