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Roof Lanterns & Pyramids

All our Roof lanterns and pyramids are virtually frameless

We designed our virtually frameless roof lantern to be the slimmest roof lantern/ pyramid on the market and it still holds this title. When we say this is the fasted lantern to install in the marketplace today, that isn’t just a claim, this can be installed in just 5 minutes with only a screw driver and a silicone gun. The lantern/ pyramid comes fully factory bonded ready to install onto a pre prepared kerb. Size options are any size up to 3100mm x 1500mm for a lantern type and 2000mm x 2000mm for a pyramid.

The system was the first product of its kind to have a thermally broken extruded aluminium frame, designed for a fixed 40 pitch and fully frameless hips and ridges. Making for absolute maximum light transmission, which is more than any framed systems using old and bulky bars to support the glass.

Other companies have adapted conservatory systems and made them into lanterns, but with our virtually frameless lantern, like the rest of our products, we designed from the ground up with a specific purpose in mind. Taking into account certain design features and aesthetic requirements that had to be met for the specific look that our virtually frameless lanterns gives to any property that it is situated in.

Other benefits of our lantern include a 25mm drip that’s built in and completely covers over the kerb for better weather and performance over its competitors. Working with the latest in structural glass bonding technologies and with DOW CORNING for 20 years, we have achieved a product that is current and for future markets.

Glazing options of double and triple glazed with our standard 1.0 U Value to as low as 0.6 and solar control / heat-soaked tested glass/ self-cleaning as a standard.

High Quality Manufacturing

The important technical details


Polyester Powder Coating


Marine grade powder coating


Custom four sided blackout option


25mm weather drip


Fast and easy installation


No external fixings


Dual colour options


Slim frame design


Frameless hips and ridge


Two x 32mm polyamide thermal breaks


Standard RAL colour 7016M / 9005M

Extensive Testing

BS 6375-1:2015
BS EN 1026:2000

British Standard

BS EN 12211:2000
BS EN 12150
BS EN 14449

European Standard

EN 755